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Welcome to Vehicle Data Services.

VDS - have created an industry leading "Vehicle Coding Structure - V:Spec" which has the depth to link components and industry codes, on a "one 2 one" basis. The appropriate V:Spec codes have been associated to each and every vehicle on the road in the UK, through licensed use of DVLA data. Thus allowing VDS to provide the ultimate VRM Look-up to exact vehicles, their components, data and any linked information.

This has created the industry catalyst, with the power to associate, what to date has only been seen as disparate data and information.

VDS - through the very structured V:Spec code and the Auto-Oracle database, have further created "Tool Sets" which allow for intelligent and cost effective association of any Automotive Related Data or Information directly to the V:Spec codes and in turn to the exact vehicles on the road, related comprehensive reporting, further adds to the offering and is only restricted by imagination.

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